The Stepping Stone of Towering Confidence

The Stepping Stone of Towering Confidence

Altis Arizona

Sportsmanship instills some priceless qualities in an individual. Although the primary virtues are qualities such as, prudence, fortitude, justice and temperance; sports bestow a remarkable degree of discipline in an individual. It is not always about winning and medals, it is more about the journey that takes a person into a whole new dimension of self discovery.

At Altis, the provision of a professional environment has been made possible to all the athletes who wish to compete on a higher level. The center has experts in all fields such as training, coaching and offering ample support to all the athletes on an individual basis. The center has introduced a whole new approach to the track and field arena. There are many facilities being offered by it, which have helped in shaping the career of millions.

8 lane tartan track which is well maintained and 400 meters long

Satellite facilities

3 pole vault pits which are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions

Facilities for high jump

Some other facilities are also included within the center. These have shaped the professional career of some of the most hardworking athletes in the field.  Alpha Kamara Films is proud to share the experiences of three highly qualified athletes who have managed to become successful in the field due to their diligence and sheer hard work. We spent two wonderful days with each of these inspiring individuals to have a gist of what their journey of becoming a better individual has been all about. We feel that these will serve as strong guidelines for all aspiring athletes who see a promising future for themselves in the sporting arena.

The Experience of Grey Rutherford

Meet Grey Rutherford, a strong athlete with only one thing in mind: attaining the ultimate form of happiness. For this athlete of monumental strength, sheer hard work and dedication are the keys to success. The athlete goes on to say that you should enjoy what you do in order to excel at it. Defending his title at the upcoming Olympic Games, Rutherford is a staunch believer of enjoying the sport; the performance will come naturally. An advice to aspiring athletes is to train according to the terrain that’s closest to your heart, be it the woods or the mountains. Happiness has always been the ultimate source of motivation for this sportsman.

The Story of Aries Meritt

A very pleasant encounter with the enthusiastic Meritt led to some very basic but highly effective tips for all aspiring athletes. Training in hotter days and keeping close to a supportive community is what keeps this athlete strong and productive in the field. The ultimate driving force for this individual is winning and to be able to bring back a prestigious medal. Even if he is unable to win in an event, Aries Meritt feels that just being on the podium is a source of immense joy for the player.

Confessions of Abigail Irozuru

Representing Great Britain since the year 2007, Abigail Irozuru is inspired by the flag of her country on her shoulders as she enters the sporting arena every single time. She enthusiastically narrates her training routine which spans from Monday to Saturday for 3-5 hours a day. The driving force for this capable athlete is the attainment of success through hard work and perseverance. She values the experiences she gathers along her journey and not the medals.

At Alpha Kamara Films, our professional production services aim to capture not only the story at the forefront, but what goes on behind the scenes, in the real life scenario of these heroes. The personal accounts of these athletes are remarkable to say the least and the World Athletics Center takes pride in shaping the career of such hard working individuals.

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