Make a presentation about you, your agency or your business.

Promotional Videos

Promotional Video has become one of the most powerful and cost effective marketing tools available for brands to compete in the global marketplace. At Alpha Kamara Films, we specialize in understanding the marketing and PR needs of our clients and then creating promotional videos that capture attention, create impact and compel audiences to take action.

Corporate Videography

Now more than ever, companies and businesses are using video to tell their brand stories and a corporate video is designed to be an engaging motion picture that conveys its message in compelling and relatable ways. At AKF, we take great pains to achieve the right tone to the message in the corporate videos that tell the stories effectively. Every video can be a missed opportunity to bring a loyal customer into the fold and that thought drives our entire work flow.

Sports Videography

Creating engaging videos of sports, events or athletes is a challenging endeavour and requires not only an experienced team with skilled film makers and state of the art of equipment but also the critical eye for turning fast paced live action clips into elements of a beauty story. At AKF, we strive to create larger than life portraits of athletes and sports events to really connect with the target audience.

Wedding Videos

Weddings are magical and once in a lifetime events that need to captured beautifully and completely. Alpha Kamara specialises in capturing the magic, emotion and breathtaking visuals of a wedding that our clients can cherish for years to come. A well made wedding video is a treasure indeed!

Brand Videos

Alpha Kamara Films is an innovative video-production company that provides professional and high-quality contents for a range of fields and is based on intrinsic expertise and knowledge. We bring this knowledge to the table to create brand videos that create the right impact, shed the right light on the brand and increase brand recall!

Event Videos

Events can be a flurry of activity with a bustling crowd, different facets of the event, priority lists and stake holder preferences. Capturing great event videos keeping all these things in mind can be a daunting task and requires expertise. Alpha Kamara brings such expertise to your event to ensure the event is captured truly.