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We provide tailored services for our clients.

Alpha Kamara is a UK-based video production company delivering compelling and high-quality videos on-spec, on-time and on-budget. We have deep knowledge and extensive experience in video story-telling across genres. Consider us your one-stop destination for various video production requirements.

Our story


Alpha Kamara was established in  2014 with the objective of assisting brands and individuals create engaging and memorable video experiences. We understand the powerful impact of storytelling through video to increase understanding and awareness. It is our constant endeavor to bring clients’ vision and ideas to life through a harmony of movement, sound and interaction.


In today’s highly-connected world, the medium is the message


The growing preference for visual content – in particular, video – is evident in today’s multi-screen world. YouTube, Vine, Instagram and other visually-oriented social media have made videos accessible to anyone with an internet-enabled desktop or smartphone.


Brand and corporate videos are consistently providing a high return on marketing investment. Visual content marketing has become a sought-after promotional tactic,  and businesses understand the importance of hiring a reliable video production company to deliver the best campaigns.


Sports videography has also taken off in a big way. Sports organizations and coaches are leveraging live sports production for video analysis, which they believe is vital to gaining a competitive advantage against the opposition. Besides capturing live sporting action and highlighting clips of great plays, sports videography is also a means for athletes, teams and clubs to connect with their target audience.


Wedding videos have gone from being a ‘maybe’ to a ‘must’. Alpha Kamara is the preferred choice of couples seeking professionally produced, aesthetically pleasing wedding videos that capture all the special moments of the big day perfectly. We also excel at developing cinematically-styled event videos that bring the real experience of the live event to living rooms, conference rooms and creative meeting places.


A team of talented and dedicated professionals


Our team comprises of creative professionals with a flair for producing state-of-the-art videos, and dynamic business managers whose strategic vision has served us well in acquiring and retaining clients. A highly-charged, highly-motivating and happy environment brings out the best in us, and enables us to exceed client expectations every time.

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